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Here at Cord Surfboards we strive to give you the surfer a unique surfboard owning experience. With over 45 years of surfboard building knowledge and skill in the bank we leave you safe in the knowing that when you paddle out on one of our custom Longboards or Shortboards, you are with a true original and a work of art that is tailored for you and you only.
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Acid Drop

Acid Drop

An innovation…

When the idea of a shorter surfboard was suggested one day at the factory in Caloundra back in ’65, everyone said it couldn’t be done.
Cord made it happen and from there the rest is history.
Some of the FIRST shortboards to be ridden in Australia
The ACID DROP design comprises of:
Concave Nose
Vee Bottom Diamond Tail
50/50 Rails
Single Fin set-up
The Vee bottom is there to help you roll it on to the rail much easier for your ‘hot dogging’ turns and trim. Built with performance in mind, it also has enough length for nose rides and to have plenty of fun in those summer conditions.

All Cord Surfboards are available with Volan glass jobs, 3 Stringer (Longboards only) resin tint or custom sprays in any colour on request

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