Cord Surfboards | Stepback Session 02
Here at Cord Surfboards we strive to give you the surfer a unique surfboard owning experience. With over 45 years of surfboard building knowledge and skill in the bank we leave you safe in the knowing that when you paddle out on one of our custom Longboards or Shortboards, you are with a true original and a work of art that is tailored for you and you only.
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When we first started surfing Noosa…

It was the very early 1960’s. I had been surfing since the late 1950’s. Maybe ‘58 or ’59. There was nobody surfing up at Noosa. Hayden first surfed it around 1960 and we knew about it but it was hard to get to. Also there had been a shark attack there so we were a bit wary. But by about 1963 we were surfing it. On a crowded day would be six or so people! We used to go up there and surf all day then meet the school bus at 3.30 and hang out… Bob Cooper was amazing surfing First Point. He was a master in small hollow waves.




He told us one day about this guy he knew from Santa Barbara who was going to come over. We had never heard of him but his name was George Greenough. It was around late 1964 or early 1965 he arrived at Brisbane airport and we went down in my car and picked him up. This salty blonde guy emerged through the gate with no jeans and no shoes. He had cameras slung all over him and a kneeboard under his arm. He and I got into talking about fast cars right away and we all headed off to not only go surfing but to also change a fair bit in surfing for the next few years…


So there was a bit of a group of us starting to form by this point. Most of the guys were working at Hayden’s and I was doing a bit of work at the oldies pub in Caloundra but mostly just going surfing. At that stage our main local break was a reef break called Moffatt Beach and on a good big day it was a hell of a wave. Still with only six or eight people ever surfing. During the winter when the swells were there and the winds were offshore there would only be a couple of us, braving the wind chill without the technology of wetsuits in our old faithful boardies. Moffat Beach back then would hold a good ten foot wave no problem and surfing it on big boards was always a handful. Chops (Lascelles) started his surfing at Moffat and by ‘62 or ‘63 he was dropping into some pretty serious waves. And he was only about 3 foot tall so these were big lumps of water to him! And then there was Ben Bendall or “Pa” as we all called him. He was so good to all of us and none of us would have got into surfing as much as we did without him and “Ma”. They looked out for us…


by Cord founder David “Humphrey” Lascelles”