Cord Surfboards | Stepback Session 01
Here at Cord Surfboards we strive to give you the surfer a unique surfboard owning experience. With over 45 years of surfboard building knowledge and skill in the bank we leave you safe in the knowing that when you paddle out on one of our custom Longboards or Shortboards, you are with a true original and a work of art that is tailored for you and you only.
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How the “HOT GENERATION” formed…

We headed up to Alexandra Headland one day from Caloundra to check out what Hayden’s boards looked like. That was a big drive at the time because there was no coast road back then. You had to go back onto the highway and then turn off again twenty miles up the road and go in through Buderim.

Anyway there was Bob Mctavish. I kinda knew Bob because a few years earlier he had been living in Caloundra. But also he was a bit of a hero because the year before him and David Chidgey had made the pilgrimage to Hawaii. Anyway we just got talking about the prospect of working together.


   Caloundra Hotel


Then the legendary Rincon surfer Bob Cooper appeared on the coast but we didn’t think he was too legendary because he used to go surfing in his Speedos instead of board shorts like the rest of us!

Russel Hughes turned up around the same time. He originally came from Brisbane but had left home at a very early age and moved to Sydney. He was pretty street wise by the time he came back up to the Sunshine Coast and a magic style-surfer. I knew a few of his older brothers mates. They were young gangsters and one of them became Australia’s biggest bank robber of the time, “Mad Dog” Cox. They only caught him a few years back. Russel and I used to go down and see his Mum who lived in West End so every now and again we’d bump into those guys.


Chops 1964


I don’t know why Algy (Grud). came up from Sydney but he was a cruiser and was funny as. He probably heard about the surf scene that was starting to happen up here and wanted a piece of the action. I think Kevin Platt had been up here before with Bob Evans making a movie. Bob Evans used to get a few guys together in Sydney and they would all get in his station wagon and drive up the coast to Qld and make a movie of it all. Then once the movie was made he would drive it around Australia and show it in any movie theatre he could.


Guys involved were Midget (Farrelly), Bobby Brown, Nat (Young) Kevin Brennan and Kevin Platt to name but a few. Just heaps of young guys who wanted a free surf trip and that also happened to be the best surfers in the country. Also Kevin’s mum Jean and his Dad Lance were starting to get commercially into making board shorts and other stuff under Platt Surfwear  It was great stuff for the day and I always remember the first time I went to Kevin’s home in Freshwater just before I started Cord His Mum said to me, “just go into the sewing room and help yourself”. Talk about the kid in the candy store! And this was all happening over the years between when I was fourteen and sixteen.


Cord Ad 1964


by Cord founder David “Humphrey” Lascelles”